Borderlands 3 Hotfix Update on July 30 – Patch Notes

Borderlands 3 Hotfix Update on July 30 – Patch Notes

Gearbox released a new hotfix update for Borderlands 3. It’s just a server update, you don’t need to download a patch. To apply this hotfix, just wait at the main menu until you see the message that says “Hotfixes Applied”!

The server hotfix has been released yesterday, during the Borderlands 3 Anniversary event you will have a greater chance of winning loot during Rare Chest Events in the ECHOcast Twitch Extension. This anniversary event will be live until August 06 09:00 AM PST and right after it will start Bonus Boss Loot event with next week’s hotfixes.


Borderlands 3 Patch Notes on July 30


  • Turns on the Summer 2020 Anniversary Event: ECHOcast Overload, live until August 6 at 9:00 AM PST
  • Added Rare Chests from the Bounty of Blood campaign add-on to the Rare Chest ECHOcast event
  • Increased the amount of loot dropped from Proving Ground bosses in Mayhem Mode
  • Adjusted the rate in which Legendaries were appearing in Vending Machines
  • Adjusted the Beastmaster’s Galactic Shadow skill to make enemies less likely to target the player over pets
  • Applied textures to the Telezapper at the end of the level during “Where It All Started” in the Bounty of Blood campaign add-on content

Written by: Tom Binsack

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