Call of Duty 2019 – Activision Roughly announces appointment

Call of Duty 2019 – Activision Roughly announces appointment

Many fans of the Call of Duty series eagerly await the unveiling of the next offshoot, so far there has been no official statement on the title and announcement. Now Activision has called a rough date for the revelation.

According to Activision, “Call of Duty 2019” will be unveiled in mid-June 2019. This statement points to an announcement at this year’s E3 fair, which will take place in mid-June.

As a result, the next Call of Duty will be revealed between June 11th and 14th.

Many rumors also say that “Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4” will be released this year, but this is just a rumor. But what is known so far:

  • Call of Duty 2019 will again offer a campaign. Which should be completely different than before
  • It’s supposed to be a complex and extensible multiplayer world
  • It will include a co-op gameplay mode


When will the next call of duty be published? So far, all Call of Duty games have been released in mid-November, so it’s very likely that it will be this year.

Written by: Carizma

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