Call of Duty Warzone – All vehicles and benefits

Call of Duty Warzone – All vehicles and benefits

In the Battle Royale game Call of Duty Warzone there will also be vehicles. We want to show and explain these vehicles to you.

A total of five vehicles will be available at the start of Warzone, including the helicopter.


Warzone vehicles

The quad is a vehicle for a maximum of two people. It offers little protection, but is very quick and agile.

Tactical rover
The off-road vehicle offers little protection and is suitable for up to four players. The vehicle is fast and solid off-road.

The SUV offers good protection against attackers and is suitable for four players. This vehicle is not very fast and rather unsuitable for off-road use.

Cargo truck
The truck offers very good protection against attackers. The vehicle is not suitable for driving through the terrain, and it is also very slow.

The helicopter offers space for four players, due to its mobility, the helicopter offers quite good protection.

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