Call of Duty Warzone – Level Cap and missions revealed

Call of Duty Warzone – Level Cap and missions revealed

So far, there have been no official announcements about Call of Duty Warzone. The last leaks were prevented by Activision, for example the forum Reddit was asked that any leaks to the Battle Royale Shooter have to be removed.

Now new leaks have appeared, and previously deleted disclosures have been put online again. It looks like Activision won’t do anything about it anymore. Maybe the release is imminent ?! Many fans hope that Warzone will be released on March 10th.

A new leak from „TheGamingRevolution“ tells us, among other things, the level cap and gives us insights into upcoming missions.

Below we have included the video with all details for you!


Warzone Secret Missions

One of the Battle Royale features are hidden missions. You can only unlock these by finding tablets. Only one mission can be active at a time. The following types of missions have been revealed:

  • Tracked
  • Timed Run
  • Assassination (Eliminate Specifiv Player)
  • Scavenger Hunt (Collect Scavenger Crates)
  • Domination (Capture Domination Poin)
  • Random (Random Mission)



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