CoD Black Ops 4: New update released – Nov. 21

CoD Black Ops 4: New update released – Nov. 21

Activision and Treyarch has deployed a new update on the Black Ops 4 server.

With today’s game update, two major changes have been made: customization of spawns in turn-based respawn mode on all platforms and an option to switch from Auto Mantle (now live on PS4 and Xbox, now on the PC).

All details about the Black Ops 4 Update can be found below in the patch notes.

COD BO4 21. November – Patch Notes

Treyarch hat eine neues Update auf die Black Ops 4 Server gespielt, zudem wurde bekannt gegeben das es dieses Wochenende wieder Doppelte XP gibt.

Mit dem heutigen Spiel-Update wurden zwei sehr geforderte Änderungen vorgenommen: Anpassungen der Spawns im rundenbasierten Respawn-Modus auf allen Plattformen und eine Option zum Umschalten von Auto Mantle (jetzt live auf PS4 und Xbox, bald auf dem PC).

Alle Details zum Black Ops 4 Update findet ihr unten in den Patch Notes.


COD BO4 21. November Update


  • Event

    • Quad Feed (now live through 10AM PT Monday, Nov. 26)

      • 2XP in Multiplayer and Zombies
      • 2X Tier Boost in Multiplayer and Blackout
      • 2X Merits in Blackout
      • 2X Nebulium Plasma in Zombies
  • Gameplay

    • Added an option in the Controls menu to toggle Auto Mantle on or off (now live on PS4 and Xbox, coming soon on PC). Applies to Multiplayer and Blackout.
    • Resolved an issue where enabling Sprint Cancels Reload would disable Auto Mantle (now live on PS4 and Xbox, coming soon on PC).
  • Black Market

    • Clarified the description for Signature Weapons to inform players that the Reactive Camo & Masterwork are now available as soon as a Signature Weapon is unlocked.
  • Miscellaneous

    • Fixed an issue where the Cheers! Gesture could not be equipped on Firebreak and Seraph.
    • Fixed an issue where some Stickers were missing their set name.


  • Gameplay

    • Resolved a spawn issue in Domination and Control (both Core and Hardcore).

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