Modern Warfare: Players complain about input lag – what’s going on?

Modern Warfare: Players complain about input lag – what’s going on?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is always getting new updates to improve the shooter. But the last update probably brought a nasty input lag into the game and could influence many actions.

What is the problem? With the last patch of Modern Warfare on February 19, a small problem seems to have crept in that can be annoying.

It is probably an “input lag”, a small delay when certain actions are carried out. If such a delay occurs, the game can no longer correctly perform the action, abort it, or only partially perform it.

The movement seems to be particularly affected by this, and the reload animation may also sometimes be disturbed. The players have been complaining about possible input lags for a long time, there are also many threads in the MW subreddit. But in this dimension it would be something new and players are increasingly calling for the help of the developers.


Modern Warfare Support has already responded

The Activision Support account already replied in a thread and asked for further details of the error. According to the post, the support assumes a problem with the movement.

There is currently no entry on the Modern Warfare Trello board. Here the developers post major bugs / glitches that they are currently working on.

The next Modern Warfare update will be released on February 25th. It is currently not confirmed whether this input lag will also be eliminated.

So far, there is no hint of this problem on Trello. There is also no information as to whether the usual server patch will be released on February 25 or whether there will also be a client patch to download.


Source: Dexerto

Written by: Carizma

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