CoD Vanguard Patch Notes 1.05 – Update Log on November 10th

CoD Vanguard Patch Notes 1.05 – Update Log on November 10th

Sledgehammer Games released a new hotfix update for Call of Duty Vanguard a few minutes ago. We’ll tell you below why there is a spontaneous patch today.

The Call of Duty Vanguard Update 1.05 is now available for download, for all platforms. It’s just a small patch, on the PS5 (1.005) the file size is just over 200MB.


Call of Duty Vanguard Update 1.005

  • Campaign: Mid-level checkpoint save data has been invalidated. Note: Players have not lost all their campaign progress. Save loads will deliver players to the beginning of the latest level rather than their last checkpoint.
  • Users unable to redeem codes for incentives such as XP Bonuses, Calling Cards, and Emblems can now redeem rewards
  • Combat Shield will now protect player’s backs once stowed
  • Invisible player models in MVP voting and Play of the Game have been fixed
  • Fixed a bug affecting Constanze’s skin progression
  • Operator Challenges no longer appear to reset after completion
  • Inaccurate unlock requirements for Weapon Challenges now display correctly
  • 1911 Pistol will now progress past Level 50
  • Weapons can now be accessed in the Loadouts/Gunsmith after Level 66


  • Camo Progression: All Pistol challenges can now be properly completed • Exfil: The kill count to Exfil now correctly tracks zombies killed
  • Bleedout Meter: Self-Revive meter no longer fails to show progress
  • Transmit: Players that die outside of the damage barrier no longer take damage over time upon reviving in the hub area
  • Legendary Covenants: All players should now be able to receive Legendary Covenant options at the Altar of Covenants
  • After-Action Report: Players are no longer returned to the Lobby when attempting to view post-match unlocks
  • Field Upgrades: Addressed an issue where players who recovered from being downed were unable to use Field Upgrades in rare instances

Written by: Carizma

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