Conan Exiles: PC Patch 3.0.2 Bug Fixes

Conan Exiles: PC Patch 3.0.2 Bug Fixes

Funcom’s survival game Conan Exiles recently received a minor patch. Expect new content and features to be limited, as Patch 3.0.2 mostly focuses on bug repairs.


Explosive jars will no longer degrade performance, and other crashes and stability problems have also been resolved. Players’ deaths of vultures will now properly count toward completing the “Defeat Bird Creatures” quest.

The remaining adjustments are listed below for your review.


 Known issues

  • On September 15, this patch will be applied to the game’s MStore version. This shouldn’t impact playability.
  • In the Isle of Siptah, maelstrom creatures cannot respawn after the storm has passed.
  • Acquired achievements from the Isle of Siptah and the Library of Esoteric Artifacts may be removed using the yellow lotus potion (potion of natural learning).


Building and Placeable Fixes

  • Fixed a problem where stability and proximity tests did not affect rough timber interior walls.
  • Now gate frames must properly reattach to houses.
  • Putting foundations close to trees or large rocks was cut down, leaving the foundations floating. Now, this has been remedied.


 Crafting fixes

  • Changed the formula to make fish and shellfish traps that can be put correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where the disassemble option was available for all placeables.
  • Dismantle now considers the server configuration for Crafting Cost Multiplier when determining what resources you receive back.
  • The “Rough Timber Frames” feat lacked the “Rough Timber Balcony” recipe. It’s been fixed now.


 Purge and Event Fixes

  • Resolved a problem that may, in certain situations, prevent Events from being updated properly

 General Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a problem that can prevent the Bazaar from loading in some situations.
  • Fixed a problem where, despite owning them, some DLC items couldn’t be spawned via the admin panel.
  • Player death would result upon entering the Sorcery grotto on Siptah. While hazardous, sorcery isn’t THAT deadly. So we corrected it.
  • The “Flex” emote now properly unlocked at level 58 in the Battle Pass.
  • A problem that prevented server credentials from being saved while using Direct Connect has been fixed.

 Animation and Cinematic Fixes

  • Fixed a problem that could have caused other players’ animations to become out of sync while using the Batmount-bile.
  • Characters might sometimes appear to be floating after landing due to a bug that has been fixed.


 UI and Text Files

  • Resolved a problem where the Crom Coins balance was occasionally not updated appropriately.
  • Fixed a bug where the server browser may display 0 players on a populated server inaccurately.

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Written by: verena smith

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