Conan Exiles PC Update 41 Patch Notes on June 16

Conan Exiles PC Update 41 Patch Notes on June 16

Funcom released a new PC update for Conan Exiles today. We have the changelog for this patch on June 16.

The Conan Exiles Update 41 is now available for the PC version. This update focused on re-balancing and fixes some bugs.


Conan Exiles Patch Notes 41 – June 16

Performance and Stability

  • Introduced a number of server optimizations for code and logs.
  • Added a number of optimization and database maintenance features. This may decrease the size of database files.
  • Fixed a number of crashing issues.
  • Removed Denuvo from the game.


Exploit Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where rules of engagement of a server could be overridden to cause unintended damage to structures.
  • Fixed an issue where certain pieces could be stacked.


New Additions

  • Implemented a new Funcom Live Services system. This includes functionality for an in game Friends List and improvements to the Server Browser.


Building and Placeables FIxes

  • Fixed alignment issues with Argossean Vaulted ceilings.
  • Fixed collision issues with Argossean beds.


AI and Thrall Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where follower commands would not function correctly in certain sections of the Sunken City dungeon.
  • Fixed a number of issues with world NPCs regarding the hate list.
  • Fixed an issue where followers would not teleport correctly when leaving a dungeon.
  • Archers should correctly use power shot when wielding a bow now.
  • Ramps and sloped roofs are AI friendly now.
  • Fixed an issue where thralls would not damage other thralls with ranged attacks.
  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck inside a rhino’s mesh.
  • Adjusted leashing distance for the Red Mother. She can now travel a longer distance before returning to her initial position.
  • Fixed an issue where thralls could be commanded to damage other players, but could not be damaged back.
  • The Abyssal Remnant went out of its slumber and is engaging player characters as intended again.


Purge Fixes

  • Purge NPCs should now respond correctly to targets placed on an elevation.


Balance Updates

  • Summoning tokens now have a 6h expiration (down from 48h)
  • Summoning tokens can no longer be transferred between inventories. As an exception, they can be looted from a player’s corpse.
  • Re-balanced followers HP and damage across the board.
    • Reduced HP gain by an average 33%. Some high tier followers received an additional 16% reduction on their base values.
    • Reduced melee damage by an average 40%.
    • Reduced ranged damage by an average 30%.
  • Removed the penalties for thralls who use attacks outside of their specialization.
  • Reduced the HP for world bosses, dungeon bosses, and group content bosses by an average of 35-40%.
    • This brings the engagement length of high level PvE content to similar values as before this patch, but increases the contribution by the player.
  • Avatars should no longer be able to damage structures inside a protection dome.
  • Players are now vulnerable to projectiles while summoning an avatar.
  • Avatar summoning time has been increased to 60 seconds (from 20 seconds).
  • Avatars of the same kind can’t be summoned at the same time by different players.
  • Reduced health regeneration for critters returning to their original spot after having reached their maximum leashing distance.


General Bugfixes

  • Fixed an issue that would make a player unable to attack, jump or dodge under specific circumstances.
  • Lures should be working correctly now.
  • Fixed an issue where a protection dome could remain active even after the destruction of its shrine.
  • Fixed an issue where voice chat muting wasn’t working as intended.
  • Some world workstations could be missing in listen servers. This is now fixed.


Animation & Cinematic Fixes

  • Fixed some missing animations while on horseback.


UI & Text Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that would render a follower’s health bar invisible after taking damage.
  • Nameplates should now be visible when on horseback.
  • Followers that have been renamed will now show their custom name instead of the default one in the event log.
  • Fixed some spelling errors in Argossean descriptions. #spellchekkerstrikesback


Source: Funcom

Written by: Carizma

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