Conan Exiles PC Update Patch Notes on May 13th

Conan Exiles PC Update Patch Notes on May 13th

Funcom released a new PC update for Conan Exiles today. We have the changelog for this patch on May 13th.

The Conan Exiles Update is now available for the PC version. This update fixes some bugs, ths’s all.


Conan Exiles Update Changelog on May 13th

Performance and Stability

  • Addressed a number of server crashes.


Exploit Fixes

  • Fixed an exploit that would cause a server to crash under specific circumstances.


AI and Thrall Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where followers would die of falling damage
  • Adjusted collision on horses and rhinos to avoid them bumping the player when on follow. We’re working on a better solution for these and other pets.


Animtaion and CInematic Fixes

  • Fixed a LOD issue that would cause NPCs and wildlife to move “choppy” at lower distances than intended.


Source: Funcom

Written by: Carizma

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