Conan Exiles PC Update – Patch Notes on September 2nd

Conan Exiles PC Update – Patch Notes on September 2nd

Funcom released a new PC Patchfor Conan Exiles today. We have the changelog for this patch on September 2nd.

The Conan Exiles Update is now available for the PC version. This Steam PC patch only fixes a few bugs and gives improved performance.


Conan Exiles Patch Notes – September 2

Performance and Stybility

  • Fixed a number of client and server crashes.
  • Fixed a number of crashes upon joining a server via friends list.


Exploit Fixes

  • Fixed an exploit regarding god bubbles.


UI and Txt Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused servers to show no active players.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause a server to list its ping as 9999 or ???.
  • Official servers would sometimes be listed twice in the server browser. This is now fixed.
  • The Close option in the Friend List tab should no longer be cut off if playing in German. #spellchekkerteamstrikesagainhoohah


Source: Funcom

Written by: Carizma

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