Conan Exiles Update 2.2.1 – PC Patch Notes on January 19

Conan Exiles Update 2.2.1 – PC Patch Notes on January 19

Funcom and the responsible developers have released a new PC update for Conan Exiles today. We have all the details about the Steam update on January 19, 2021.

The Conan Exiles Update 2.2.1 can now be downloaded and installed. The patch is currently only available for the PC version.


Conan Exiles Patch Notes 2.2.1

Performance & Stability

  • Fixed the stuttering and loading issues present in the last patch.


Exploit Fixes

  • Enabled a server-side setting that allows for resetting attributes that exceed expected values.


AI & Thrall Fixes

  • Fixed a modding-related issue where Wildlife AI would become unresponsive when merging ComboRules in the DevKit.


Balance Updates

  • Restored the stats of several weapons to their correct values, namely: Mace of Thag, Scythe of Thag, Hammer of Thag, Black Ice Javelin, Black Ice Throwing Axe, Black Ice Broadsword, Black Ice Longsword, Hooked Sword, and Pristine Khari Bow.


General Bugfixes

  • It’s no longer possible to build in the Silver Mine dungeon.
  • The Dynamic Building Damage setting will no longer reset upon server restart.
  • Fixed a modding-related issue where new custom placeables would not be loaded by the editor.


Audio Fixes

  • Character voices should no longer be replaced by animal sounds.


Source: Steam

Written by: Carizma

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