Conan Exiles Update Version 1.57 Patch Notes

Conan Exiles Update Version 1.57 Patch Notes

Funcom released a new update for Conan Exiles today, we have the full patch on May 19th.

Conan Exiles Update 1.57 is now available for download on PS4 and Xbox One. The update includes some bug fixes.


Conan Exiles Patch Notes 1.57

Performance and Stability

  • Fixed an issue which would cause increased CPU utilization.
  • Fixed an out of memory issue on dedicated servers.
  • Addressed a number of server crashes.


Explout Fixes

  • Increased security measures against server flooding.
  • Fixed an exploit that would cause a server to crash under specific circumstances.


AI and Thrall Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where followers would refuse to attack under specific circumstances.
  • Thralls would randomly enter a space-time continuum paradox upon teleporting which would render them unable to move when commanded. We fixed this with science.
  • Fixed an issue where followers would die of falling damage
  • Adjusted collision on horses and rhinos to avoid them bumping the player when on follow. We’re working on a better solution for these and other pets.


General Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some issues with building textures.


Animation and Cinematic Fixes

  • Fixed a LOD issue that would cause NPCs and wildlife to move “choppy” at lower distances than intended.


Source: Funcom

Written by: Carizma

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  1. Svein May 19, 2020 | Reply

    Great to see the thrall & pet system being improved / fixed.
    It is after the Follower Update II, that horses and some pets started walking too close.
    Having the default follow-distance set a bit higher than >1 meter, would help.
    Wouldn’t hurt if it was a behavior setting for it as well. “Follower distance”.

    Biggest problem, are stairs & ramps.
    Especially horses, they really want to become one with you, as you take your first step on a staircase.

    This is not the place for it, but just throwing it out here…
    Could the followers refusing to attack under specific circumstances be the reason for the Dregs’ Abysmal Remnant being bugged?
    Boss refused to attack me, my follower and my horse (which was not present in the room, but on follow)
    Follower refused to attack the boss, with his bow.
    Took some time to kill the boss, because he was just standing in the middle of his pool.. And regenerated massive chunks of health, often.

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