Conan Exiles Update Version 1.61 Patch Notes on August 24

Conan Exiles Update Version 1.61 Patch Notes on August 24

It’s been a few weeks since Funcom made adjustments to the game, but now there’s news. Funcom released a new update for Conan Exiles today.

The Conan Exiles Update 1.61 is now available for download for Xbox One and PS4. The Conan Exiles patch from August 24th fixes some bugs and balance adjustments are made.


Conan Exiles Patch Notes 1.61

Performance and Stability

  • Introduced a number of server optimizations.
  • Added a number of optimizations for server code and server logs.
  • Added a number of optimization and database maintenance features. This may decrease the size of database files.
  • Fixed a number of crashing issues.
  • Fixed a number of stuttering issues.
  • Improved error handling in Peer-to-Peer connections (listen servers).


Exploit Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where rules of engagement of a server could be overridden to cause unintended damage to structures.
  • Fixed an issue where certain pieces could be stacked.


Building and Placeables FixesFixes

  • Fixed alignment issues with Argossean Vaulted ceilings.
  • Fixed collision issues with Argossean beds.


AI and Thrall Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where follower commands would not function correctly in certain sections of the Sunken City dungeon.
  • Fixed a number of issues with world NPCs regarding the hate list.
  • Fixed an issue where followers would not teleport correctly when leaving a dungeon.
  • Archers should correctly use power shot when wielding a bow now.
  • Ramps and sloped roofs are AI friendly now.
  • Fixed an issue where thralls would not damage other thralls with ranged attacks.
  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck inside a rhino’s mesh.
  • Adjusted leashing distance for the Red Mother. She can now travel a longer distance before returning to her initial position.
  • Fixed an issue where thralls could be commanded to damage other players, but could not be damaged back.
  • The Abyssal Remnant went out of its slumber and is engaging player characters as intended again.
  • Fixed an issue where it would not be possible to knock out thralls on Singleplayer/Cooperative sessions.
  • Made followers a little less prone to voluntarily walk into the lava in the Well of Skelos and be engulfed in fiery flames as if they were walking outside in Oslo these days.
  • Fixed an issue where NPCs would leash back slower than they should, leaving room for them to be killed without retaliation.


Purge Fixes

  • Purge NPCs should now respond correctly to targets placed on an elevation.
  • Purge NPCs should no longer try to teleport inside a building when they can’t find their target.


Balance Updates

  • Summoning tokens now have a 6h expiration (down from 48h)
  • Summoning tokens can no longer be transferred between inventories. As an exception, they can be looted from a player’s corpse.
  • Re-balanced followers’ HP and damage across the board.
    • Reduced HP gain by an average of 33%. Some high tier followers received an additional 16% reduction on their base values.
    • Reduced melee damage by an average of 40%.
    • Reduced ranged damage by an average of 30%.
  • Reduced the HP for world bosses, dungeon bosses, and group content bosses by an average of 35-40%.
  • Removed the penalties for thralls who use attacks outside of their specialization.
  • Avatars should no longer be able to damage structures inside a protective dome.
  • Players are now vulnerable to projectiles while summoning an avatar.
  • Avatar summoning time has been increased to 60 seconds (from 20 seconds).
  • Avatars of the same kind can’t be summoned at the same time by different players.
  • Reduced health regeneration for critters returning to their original spot after having reached their maximum leashing distance.


General Updates

  • Fixed an issue that would make a player unable to attack, jump, or dodge under specific circumstances.
  • Lures should be working correctly now.
  • Fixed an issue where a protection dome could remain active even after the destruction of its shrine.
  • Some world workstations could be missing in listen servers. This is now fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where players would not receive falling damage.
  • Healing Wraps will not longer break gameplay effect on movement
  • Adjusted vertical land claim in certain areas that prevented NPCs from spawning.


Animation and Cinematic Fixes

  • Fixed some missing animations while on horseback.


UI and Text Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that would render a follower’s health bar invisible after taking damage.
  • Nameplates should now be visible when on horseback.
  • Followers that have been renamed will now show their custom name instead of the default one in the event log.
  • Fixed some spelling errors in Argossean descriptions. #spellchekkerstrikesback
  • Added age column in the server browser list. This shows how long a server database has been going on since it was created.


Audio Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where combat music would continue playing if the player’s target leashed back.
  • Combat music trigger is now also dependent on the range, further lowering the situations where it would play indefinitely. #slaytothedrums


Source: Funcom

Written by: Carizma

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  1. Tony Grace December 2, 2020 | Reply

    Just started playing after having trouble hunting down a used copy. Iv been having problems with the fiber bedroll not working to respawn even though it says new spawn point and I’ve interacted with it too. Can’t select any where to respawn after I die except the desert.

  2. Korin September 8, 2020 | Reply

    Since new update experiencing more glitches and crashes then before. Even boot up cut scene freezes before allowing to main menu. Not to mention our server is constantly down and needing repair. New update only caused more issues verses fixing them. Worst it’s on PvE, limited fighting and interaction! I feel for people with harder game play.

  3. Steve August 26, 2020 | Reply

    Since the latest patch in August 2020 the game won’t even load on my Xbox one. Getting really tired of this crap.

  4. Kelly Ortiz August 24, 2020 | Reply

    The elevators still glitched some thralls and pets are falling into the map when they are in following mode and they responded to attack mode only 50 percent of the time especially when being attacked by more than 1 NPC please help with this glitch Ty

  5. Rn August 24, 2020 | Reply

    So no map update like we have been promised on this broken game this game is such a fucking joke

    • NeoReaper82 August 29, 2020 | Reply

      You do know that it’s a paid expansion right. You self entitled brats are a joke to the gaming world.

  6. Matt Vanslambrouck August 21, 2020 | Reply

    Experienced multiple crashes since the update and I’m playing single player

  7. Allin A LeBeau August 21, 2020 | Reply

    Since the update I have crashed 3 times and received a “corrupted data detected” message on two different servers. This is *after* reinstalling all 90+ gigs of game twice. Please advise.

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