CrossfireX: These problems should be fixed in March – Patch announced

CrossfireX: These problems should be fixed in March – Patch announced

The release of CrossfireX on Xbox wasn’t all that bad, there’s a lot of interest in the new shooter. Unfortunately, there were not only positive reports, there also seem to be many bugs in the game.

Players are reporting an aiming bug, rare crashes, and other issues.

The Smilegate developers have now spoken out about this. They promised that the following problems should be fixed by the beginning of March at the latest.


Patch preview for March

  • ADS with CAR-4: Sometimes the sight goes in and out during firing. This error will be fixed.
  • Aiming Settings: The developer heard your request for options to adjust aiming acceleration and sensitivity.
  • Slide: Fixed the issue that caused the slide to stop when colliding with the side of an object.
  • Boogieman Imbalance: One will fix the issue of not being able to get extra points in the Boogieman state. Also, the HP auto-recovery ability will be removed and the overall difficulty of becoming a Boogieman will be increased.
  • More Maps: More maps will be added for both Classic and Modern modes.

As soon as there is more news about this, we will report it to you. Have you already seen the 12 Xbox Achievements for the game?

Written by: Carizma

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