Dauntless Patch 1.6.5 Deployed and Exotics Return

Dauntless Patch 1.6.5 Deployed and Exotics Return

The Phoenix Labs had already announced the new Dauntless update – now there is a date and the patch notes!

The Dauntless Update 1.6.5 will be available in a few hours. If the update is live, you have to download a patch, depending on the platform, the version numbers and the file size differ.

With the new update, the Exotics are back, A new island variant has been added and a lot more!


Dauntless Update 1.6.5 Patch Notes



Unlock six of Dauntless’ existing exotic items by uncovering stories long thought lost. Each of the six new lore nodes scattered throughout the Hunting Grounds unlock a quest to forge a specific piece of exotic gear. Feel the Hunger!



A new island variant has been added to the Hunting Grounds! Conundrum Rocks is a level 10-13 version of Paradox Breaks, with Valomyr as its guaranteed Behemoth.



1.6.5 marks the launch of the new Timeweave set, a powerful collection of gameplay armour that offers Overpower, Predator, and Catalyst perks.
Unlock the schematics for the Timeweave armour set by seeking out a new lore node on the Paradox Breaks.




  • Increased the damage of Molten Edict’s fireball attack by 50%.

  • Molten Edict now has 1 Power Cell slot, 1 Prismatic Cell slot, and the Berserker perk.

  • Twin Suns now have 1 Technique Cell slot, 1 Prismatic Cell slot, and the Evasive Fury perk.

  • The Godhand now has 1 Power Cell slot, 1 Prismatic Cell slot, and the Savagery perk.

  • The Hunger now has 1 Power Cell slot, 1 Prismatic Cell slot, and the Ragehunter perk.

  • The Skullforge now has the Molten perk.

  • Prismatic Grace now has the Medic perk.

  • Tragic Echo now has the Rage perk.



If you run Energized +6 with Adrent Cyclone in 1.6.4, you can stay in that special for 20 to 30 seconds in an unstaggerable state. Dauntless is a game about skillful decision making and timing. This combination of abilities broke that design principle. It’s okay to bend the rules a bit with special abilities, but this was breaking our design entirely. This is an initial step towards removing Ardent Cyclone meter gain in 1.7.0.

  • Reduced the amount of Ardent Cyclone meter gained while using Energized by 85%.



  • The guaranteed Behemoth on Brightwood is now Flameborn Quillshot (was Valomyr).

  • The guaranteed Behemoth on Razorcliff Isle is now Rezakiri (was Deepfrost Embermane).

  • The guaranteed Behemoth on Paradox Breaks is now Flameborn Rezakiri (was Rezakiri).

  • Removed Moonreaver Shrike from Razorcliff Isle.



  • Added a window of invulnerability during the revival animation of Agarus weapons’ legendary ability.

  • Reduced the number of Ruptured Stalks required for crafting Agarus’ weapons from 15 to 7.



  • Changed Deepfrost Embermane’s roll attack to be more accurate, only causing AoE damage on impact of the first hit.



  • Improved the collision and hitboxes during Deepfrost Gnasher’s dive and slam moves.



  • Changed Flameborn Rezakiri’s tail sweep attack so the second sweep won’t hit Slayers who successfully dodged the first.



  • Increased the time it takes to be knocked off during certain moves when mounted.

  • The Chronovore gear now correctly requires 4 Timeworn Tentacles to craft.




  • Reduced the opacity on Skraev’s blizzard VFX.



  • Consumables can now be swapped while queued for a hunt.




  • Fixed an issue where charged axe attacks would sometimes end without completing an attack.



  • Fixed a bug where certain armours could not access the secondary dye channel.

  • Fixed a bug where lantern effects would stay visible and stack up after switching in the loadout screen.

  • Fixed a bug where using a jump vent right after changing your character’s skin tone would revert the change.

  • Fixed a bug where players could spawn in the ground when using the “Brave and the Boulder” arrival.

  • Changed the Chronovore armour’s footprint effect to the proper dye channel.



  • Fixed an issue allowing players to keep interacting with respawned Primal Suppressors.



  • Fixed an issue where red crystals were in the wrong locations in Blaze Escalation.



  • Removed “consume ironhide pylons” as a quest objective as the functionality wasn’t working consistently.

  • The quest “Behemoth Survey: Enemy Vine” now correctly identifies any Koshai as an objective target, not just Heroics.



  • Fixed a bug where the fire debuff icon would get stuck on the HUD.

  • Fixed a bug where the repeaters were not attached correctly to the hands of a Slayer.

  • Fixed a bug causing loot to incorrectly appear multiple times in Escalation end-of-hunt screens.

  • Fixed a bug where lanterns that were tracked in the HUD could not be untracked once crafted.

  • Fixed a bug where loot would incrementally stack in the loot summary screen when completing multiple events in a row in the Hunting Grounds.

  • Fixed a bug where some players would not see any daily challenges available.

  • Fixed a bug where item amounts would not update immediately after crafting tonics.

  • Fixed a bug where notification icons would appear on Bounties and Challenges when they shouldn’t.

  • Fixed a bug where the wrong icons would be shown when opening cores.

  • The Hunting Grounds selection screen now shows all possible Behemoths instead of six.


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Written by: Carizma

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