Dauntless Patch Notes 1.10 – OB 0.9.2A Hotfix Update August 23

Dauntless Patch Notes 1.10 – OB 0.9.2A Hotfix Update August 23

The developers of Dauntless have today released a small hotfix for the last update, we have all the information about the update patch 1.10.

Dauntless Patch 1.10 / OB 0.9.2A is now ready to download, you have to download 313 MB on the PS4. On the Xbox One and the PC, the size of the download may be different.


Dauntless Update 1.10 Patch Notes OB 0.9.2A

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Lantern Skins were incorrectly requiring a Transmog Stone to transmog.
  • Fixed a bug where cells were incorrectly duplicating themselves under certain use cases.
  • Fixed a bug that caused weapons to periodically float above Slayers in Ramsgate.


  • Repeaters won’t update to show active parts in screens that preview the weapons. They will only show their default parts.
  • Slayers are unable to reach Behemoth Mastery Rank 50.
  • Critical hit FX indicators can become orphaned and not clean themselves up properly. This appears as a number of glowing orange ‘^’ shapes on the screen.
  • The Discipline cell shows a Technique icon, even though it’s actually a Power cell.
  • Furious Axecore (axe mod) and Turbine Trigger (hammer mod) display the wrong icons.
  • Players may see the friend/party invite alert (“!”) even if they don’t have a pending invite.
  • Some players may experience higher-than-usual GPU or CPU usage in certain situations.

Written by: Carizma

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