Dauntless Update 1.32 Patch Notes on July 9

Dauntless Update 1.32 Patch Notes on July 9

Phoenix Labs have released the official patch notes for the new Dauntless Update 1.3.2. Below you will find the complete information on the call of the Empty Update on July 9th.

The Dauntless Update 1.32 can now be downloaded and installed. You have to download and install a total of 597 MB. Depending on the platform, the size of the download can vary, as can the respective version numbers.


Dauntless Patch Notes 1.3.2


  • Russian is now enabled on PlayStation 4.




  • Hitting a Nayzaga’s shielded pylons now correctly applies knockback.



  • Fixed a bug that could cause Riftstalkers to die from their own enraged teleport attack.



  • Boreuses no longer look transparent in places during their ice shield phase.




  • Fixed a bug that allowed the Avenging Overdrive sword special attack speed buff to stack infinitely if your internet connection was temporarily interrupted.




  • Fixed a bug where using a stim when downed could bring you back with less health than intended.



  • Fixed a fabric clipping issue on the Void Runner’s Standard and the Agony Spike.

  • Fixed the default dye colour on the Umbral Knight ultra armour arms, chest, and legs.



  • Fixed a bug that prevented some menu breadcrumbs from clearing.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause a timeout error during the tutorial.

  • The icons for the Overpower Z emote and the Power Plant banner plant are now different from the icons for the Inferno 9000 emote and Burning Legend banner plant.

  • Fixed the ordering of the Victorious and Champion weapons in Lady Luck’s store.

  • Fixed a bug that could cause Store, Hunt Pass, or Vault content previews to not show the user’s face.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the Airship’s info panel to display incorrect threat ratings.

  • Fixed the formatting for Escalation boosts on the “claim rewards” screen.

  • Fixed the localization of PlayStation 4 trophies in Japanese.

  • The “Welcome to Dauntless” screen prompt now respects PlayStation 4’s primary “Enter” button settings.



  • Fixed a couple of rare crashes.


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Written by: Carizma

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