Days Gone are not so good? Ratings in the overview

Days Gone are not so good? Ratings in the overview

From today, the Playstation 4 exclusive open-world adventure “Days Gone” is available and if you are still unsure about the purchase, a review of the international reviews could be extremely helpful.

As you can see from the first test results, “Days Gone” does not seem to be a highlight. Although some are surprised by the title and report positive results, most ratings are rather sobering.

The game probably has some technical problems. In addition, the control is anything but accurate, the menu is quite confusing.

Overall, however, you should expect a harmonious adventure with a good story and a consistently open game world. In addition, the game amount to a good 40 to 50 hours, should you want to survive all the challenges.


Days Gone – The first Ratings


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Written by: Carizma

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