Days Gone New PC Update Available – Patch Notes 1.04

Days Gone New PC Update  Available – Patch Notes 1.04

Today we have another small update for all PC players of Days Gone! Below we show you all the bugs that will be fixed with today’s patch.

The Days Gone Update 1.04 (PC only) can be downloaded and installed now. The download should start automatically when you open the Steam Launcher, unless you have disabled this feature.

So, enough written, here are the patch notes from June 14th!


Days Gone Patch Notes 1.04 | PC Version

Graphical Improvements

  • Fixed decal rendering, including tire tracks and footprints

Performance Improvements

  • Fixed game hang when the cinematic starts before the mission ‘What’s A Nice Girl’
  • Crash fixes
  • Removed Audio Device Auto-Detect

Other Changes

  • Updated Russian localization
  • Added mouse interactivity to the repair/refuel icons
  • Fixed Achievements progress bar that was not updating on Steam
  • To turn OFF Data Collection, please select Limited Data


We have the information about the new Days Gone PC update from Steam, right here.

Written by: Carizma

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