Days Gone: Second Challenge available now – Tips

Days Gone: Second Challenge available now – Tips

Sony and Bend Studio have launched the second Challenge in Days Gone, which will demand everything in the coming weeks.

While you had to defend yourself in the first challenge against an infected horde, this time you face some cleverer opponents – the Marauders – who also attack you as a wave. For defense are this time stealth approaches and various weapons available, which appear again and again. So the thrill is increased a lot.

Over the summer, new challenges for Days Gone continue to appear every week. Featuring a total of twelve combat, horde and bike challenges with unique rules and leaderboards, players can win exclusive rewards such as bike and character designs, badges and rings that bring various gameplay enhancements.


Challenge #2 – Survive Against the Marauders

With the new challenge “Survive” there are also sub-challenges. We show you all the challenges of the 2nd week.

  • Survive: Survuve as long as you can against the enemie.
    • Relentless: Kill 50 Marauders.
    • Brutality: Kill 15 Marauders with a Melee Weapon.
    • Silent Night: Stealth Kill 6 Marauders.
    • Shots Fired: Get 25 Headshots.


How to successfully complete all these challenges, which rings and patches should be used, is explained in the following video

Written by: Carizma

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