DayZ Hotfix Update 1.18 Patch Notes on July 7

DayZ Hotfix Update 1.18 Patch Notes on July 7

Bohemia Interactive has released the patch notes for today’s DayZ Hotfix Update. We have all information about the patch on July 7th.

DayZ Update 1.18 (1.08) can now be downloaded and installed for all affected platforms. This is the second hotfix for the official update 1.08.


DayZ Patch Notes 1.08.153258 – PS4 Update 1.18


  • Added: The damage state of the Fence / Watchtower parts is now visible in the hud (the dot next to the targets name)


  • Fixed: Containers with liquid did not have their correct weight after filling
  • Fixed: Performance issues around bigger bases, which could also lead to client crashes


  • Tweaked: Lowered intensity of sun shafts


  • The damaged states will not be displayed on the fences and watchtowers


Source: Reddit

Written by: Carizma

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  1. Jamie July 7, 2020 | Reply

    You need to fix the storage sticking items you need to fix all cars with lag spikes also make them stronger as they are so fucking fragile got 4 cars today by the end of it all are destroyed tha k to your poor work unspent 40 on this game and it’s so broken and ow have major anxiety because I felt if I drive this car I’m gonna crash cause I have no control over it wen spike hits fix your fucking game or give me my money back it’s simple fuckijg things 6 years on a game still fucking broken

  2. JesseTheMighty July 7, 2020 | Reply

    Seriously fix the server lag please. Every car i drive i keep below 30kmh and still lag so hard (or server crash) that my car is ruined every time. I try driving as slow as 20kmh and zombies keep up with me, and still the lag destroys my car. And its extremely hard to get a car so the bloody game shouldnt be taking it away from me. Im the last of my friends that still play because i have hope, they gave up because the game glitches kept killing them. This recent “stability” update seemingly did nothing to improve the games performance. I even bought a server and its crashing even more so wtf

  3. JUSTSOMEGUYONDAYZ July 7, 2020 | Reply

    If the devs see this Id like them to know the zombies are outrageous right now. I have been playing since day one and the zombies have become ridiculously overpowered to the point that I have a constant state of either ruined clothing and/or yellow blood. I also run out of rags or bandages extremely quick because of the rate the zombies slash me open. I have a base at the prison of Livonia and the zombies spawn rate is much too high. My group and I take out about 20 to 30 zombies at least and not even ten minutes later the zombies are back while we are still within 100 meter radius of the main building of the prison. This goes for most of the town’s within the map as well.

  4. Lamogio420 July 7, 2020 | Reply

    Fix the lags of cars every time I go with the car I lag too match

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