DayZ Patch Notes 1.04 – New Update Available

DayZ Patch Notes 1.04 – New Update Available

DayZ has received a new update, patch 1.04 has been released for the PC version. Meanwhile, Update 1.04 has not been released for consoles yet.

This update brings new weapons and more new content, plus a lot of fixes and tweaks. We have all the information about this update, the patch notes can be found below.


DayZ Patch Notes 1.04



  • Added: New Steam Experimental apps
  • Added: KA-74 with attachments
  • Added: KA-101 with attachments
  • Added: P1-87-L Scope
  • Added: 5.45x39mm ammunition
  • Added: 5.45x39mm tracer ammunition
  • Added: Overlay icons to differentiate ammunition variants
  • Added: Music in the Main Menu
  • Added: Independent shoulders (possibility to carry two ranged/melee weapons at the same time)
  • Added: Magazine auto-refill by holding ‘R’
  • Added: Throwing (hold ‘G’ to activate throwing stance)
  • Added: Grenades (EGD-5 and 6-M7 frag grenades, 1-M8 and EGD-2 smoke grenades, 8-M4 Flashbang)
  • Added: Grenades can be attached to selected vests
  • Added: Handheld Transceiver can be attached to Courier Bag
  • Added: Mod presentation in the Main Menu (documentation[])
  • Added: In-game hints in the Pause Menu
  • Added: Vomit emote/gesture
  • Added: Mitigation of so-called server hopping on public hives (when a player changes server, a hopping spawn point is used instead of the last log off position)
  • Added: Support for multiple sets of player spawn points (only for public hives, currently fresh and hop sets available)
  • Added: Fever now causes water loss
  • Added: Epinephrine restores the patients’ stamina to the max value
  • Added: Codeine Pills mitigates the patients’ injured state for a limited time
  • Added: Morphine suppresses the patients’ injured state for a limited time
  • Added: Charcoal Tablets can eliminate Salmonella bacteria
  • Added: Shoes gradually wear off while using
  • Added: Check Pulse action now displays the blood pressure and pulse type if irregular
  • Added: Infected can be spawned with headgear, vests, and backpacks
  • Added: Positional rain sounds for the Coal Plant
  • Added: Character sounds for male characters wearing a gag
  • Added: Flare effect around the Road Flare
  • Added: Stamina is depleted if a player is hit by a Flashbang
  • Added: Player can hear his voice when talking through a megaphone, PAS (when receiver is nearby) or transmitter (when more than one on the same frequency nearby)



  • Fixed: Inventory was closed if another player performed the restrain action (T140237)
  • Fixed: AI could teleport, visually appear where it was not positioned or be positioned at roofs (T139728)
  • Fixed: AI herds were not releasing the territory after the last member of the herd died (could prevent AI herds from re-spawning on smaller terrains with a lower number of territories)
  • Fixed: Incorrect visual state of the speedometer
  • Fixed: Character will not fold the map while in prone and becomes stuck
  • Fixed: Liquid contents of the barrel do not persist upon server restart (T139791)
  • Fixed: Ruined weapons could twitch while trying to look through optics
  • Fixed: Character started to float in some sections of small rivers (T140952)
  • Fixed: Influenza did not cause the blur effect
  • Fixed: Texture filtering option in graphics settings was not working correctly
  • Fixed: Many fixes and improvements to the ChernarusPlus terrain
  • Fixed: DayZ local application data folder was not properly deleted via DayZUninstaller
  • Fixed: Punching walls was emitting unsuitable bullet impact particles
  • Fixed: Spotlight had a hole where the reflector part should be
  • Fixed: Switch ON/OFF actions sometimes not being available on Spotlight after a server restart
  • Fixed: Personal light created an undesired reflection if another source of light was nearby (it was mostly visible as a blue shine on cars)
  • Fixed: Opening/Closing of car doors was missing sounds
  • Fixed: Character stamina did not replenish correctly when reduced by the gear (T139932)
  • Fixed: Action to eat pumpkin slices was missing (T139428)
  • Fixed: Missing footsteps sound while strafing with a heavy item in hands (T139604)
  • Fixed: Incorrect item weight upon adding attachments on specific items (T139773)
  • Fixed: Gas Stations can be blown up again
  • Fixed: Corrected material on the rear lights of the Olga
  • Fixed: Corrected the left headlight position on the Gunter 2
  • Fixed: Incorrect rotation of the remaining headlight of a car when one was detached
  • Fixed: Infected attacked players inside a closed Gunter
  • Fixed: Combination locks couldn’t be opened upon server restart
  • Fixed: Client error in the main menu
  • Fixed: In-game HUD could disappear while typing in the chat



  • Tweaked: The headlights on cars now switch to left/right/center depending on the attached headlight bulbs’ state
  • Tweaked: Cars now have functional rear lights
  • Tweaked: Reversing with a car now subtly illuminates the area behind it, allowing drivers to see there at night
  • Tweaked: The player stomach is now item/liquid-type based instead of nutritional-component-breakdown based
  • Tweaked: The connection timer is now up to 95 seconds in case of rapid server hopping. In connection to this change, the previous database locks have been removed.
  • Tweaked: Player spawn logic for avoiding water surfaces
  • Tweaked: Gunshot sounds are audible up to 3.5 km
  • Tweaked: Vehicles HUD
  • Tweaked: Improved plaster and concrete impact particle effects
  • Tweaked: Bullet impact effects are scaled by impact force much more visible now
  • Tweaked: The Portable Gas Lamp now burns 10x longer (~55 minutes with the smallest container, ~133 with the largest one)
  • Tweaked: Optimized muzzle flash particles for CR-61, FX-45, CR-75, IJ-70
  • Tweaked: Burning light sources now subtly flicker
  • Tweaked: Shadows from burning light sources subtly move
  • Tweaked: Smoke/Steam particles on weapons
  • Tweaked: character position is changed after a server change to mitigate server hopping



  • Added: -serverMod= executable launch parameter to define server-only mods
  • Added: Default Central Economy for ChernarusPlus moved to a PBO file (worlds_chernarusplus_ce.pbo)
  • Added: Possibility to override any file from the Central Economy files in the mission folder
  • Added: New V3 signature verification
  • Changed: verifySignatures= server configuration parameter now properly verifies mod addons (equalModRequired is deprecated)
  • Changed: AI territories are defined in the default Central Economy files (xml) and can be overridden in the mission (world AI addon and config territory definition has been deprecated)
  • Changed: Updated values and format of player spawn points (mandatory change, see CfgPlayerSpawnPoints.xml in dayzOffline.chernarusplus) – If this change isn’t reflected in the configuration, respawned and new players could spawn in the ocean!


This was a large part of the improvements and bug fixes, the full details of this update you can find here on Reddit.

Written by: vanni

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    where can I download this update w/out steam?????

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