Death’s Door Hotfix Patch on July 28 – Bug Fixes

Death’s Door Hotfix Patch on July 28 – Bug Fixes

As you can see, the developers of Death’s Door are very keen to improve the game. A hotfix came only 2 days ago, now there is the next patch.

The new Death’s Door update is now available and can be downloaded – Steam Build 7099571. The file size is unknown to us. There are a few improvements and bug fixes, that’s about it.


Death’s Door Patch Notes on July 28

  • Fixed bug where you could move through some Avarice doors without unlocking them.
  • Fixed bug where leaving a ladder could give you infinite mass and also break interactions with ram platforms in grandma’s basement level.
  • Fixed bug where you would no longer gain any souls until reloading the game.
  • Fixed exploit in final boss room.
  • Fixed bug with ghosts not counting to an endgame counter.
  • Added backup code for people affected by a previous bug, if you are stuck on 99.5% completion interact with the Shrine in the Camp of the Free Crows and this will be corrected.
  • Added more checks to saving to prevent a rare save file corruption, also added crash logging here to help me find any causes if it happens to anyone. Reminder backup saves were added in the last patch in case anyone does have that issue!


Source: Steam

Written by: Carizma

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