Death’s Door Steam Update on July 23 – Bugfixes Patch Notes

Death’s Door Steam Update on July 23  – Bugfixes Patch Notes

Acid Nerve released a patch for Death’s Door on Steam today. We have the complete list of all changes for you.

The new Death’s Door update is now available and can be downloaded – Steam Build 7077547. The file size is unknown to us. There are only bug fixes and Vsync has been integrated into the options menu.


Death’s Door Patch Notes on July 23

  • Added Vsync in options menu
  • Readable Signs no longer hookshot-able
  • Fixed softlock from sequence break in forest dungeon
  • Slightly moved some typewriters on the floor of Hall of Doors to stop the player landing between them and getting stuck
  • Reduced the movement force of heavy and rolling attacks for daggers by 30%
  • Fixed missing deathplane in one part of Castle Lockstone
  • Fixed softlock when spamming buttons during bard interactions and yes/no prompts
  • Fixed missing wall collider in Grove of Spirits
  • Fixed bug where Ancient Doors could be triggered without freeing all crow souls
  • Fixed bug where player could get trapped in furnaces
  • Fixed bard bug in forest where old dialogue would re-appear


Source: Steam

Written by: Carizma

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