Deep Rock Galactic Steam Update 32 – Hotfix 3 Patch Notes on Oct. 26

Deep Rock Galactic Steam Update 32 – Hotfix 3 Patch Notes on Oct. 26

The developers Ghost Ship Games today released a new hotfix update for Deep Rock Galactic. We will have the full changelog for this update on October 26.

The Deep Rock Galactic Hotfix 3 (Steam Build 5737422) is now available for download on Steam. We do not yet know whether a comparable update has been released for Xbox players.


Deep Rock Galactic Update 32 – Hotfix 3

  • Weekly assignments can no longer contain duplicate mission types
  • Added missing text to the Roughneck armor descriptions
  • Added a particle system to the Ommoran Flying Rocks as they are pulled from the surrounding terrain and made their movement a bit more responsive
  • Doretta’s caterpillar tracks now turn around even if they are not hitting the ground
  • Updated the description of Expert Depositor Perk to reflect it functioning next to all deposit points and not just the M.U.L.E
  • Tweaked the Expert Depositor Perk to now also work with the Escape Pod
  • Tweaked the spawning of Geyers on Fungus and air vents on Sandblasted to not spawn as close to mission items
  • Tweaked the “Frozen” skin color
  • Tweaked the visual number on pipeline starting points bigger
  • Tweaked Doretta’s health and its relationship to the Beamers and other attacks
  • Lowered Doretta’s health slightly
  • Decreased Heartstone beamer damage
  • Enabled the FoV slider to go slightly higher
  • Ebonite Glyphids that spawn after the Machine Event has finished will now immediately burrow and disappear
  • Added collision to Doretta’s caterpillar tracks to prevent Fuel Canisters and the Heartstone from clipping through
  • Improved the pipeline connector animations
  • Improved the movement of Doretta
  • Replaced the green display of the tablet when ordering a Pumpjack with an icon and a progress bar
  • Removed debug capsule on the lasers of the Tritilyte Deposit Machine Event
  • Squashed a bug that enabled Kursite enemies to spawn near players that are not near the Machine Event
  • Squashed a bug in the collision of some broken Heartstone mesh
  • Squashed a bug that caused the effects of breaking the Heartstone to not always play for client
  • Squashed a bug that caused Doretta to activate her thruster while standing still
  • Squashed a bug that caused the Fuel Canister to vanish if the player carrying it disconnects
  • Squashed a bug that caused internal damage multiplier to not be applied to armor break damage (Only relevant to M1000 Classic focus shots only doing base armor damage)
  • Squashed a bug that prevented Mactera Spawns from shooting when they are in cramped spaces
  • Squashed a bug that prevented Mactera Grabbers from screeching if their target was too close to their spawn point
  • Squashed a bug that caused Escort Duty to always display one fuel canister on the Mission Terminal
  • Squashed a bug that caused the death position to jitter


Source: Steam

Written by: Carizma

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