Desperados 3 The First Story DLC Money for the Vultures is Out Now

Desperados 3 The First Story DLC Money for the Vultures is Out Now

Money for the Vultures is the first story expansion for Desperados 3 and it was published today by THQ Nordic and Mimimi Productions. The expansion is part of the Season Pass offer but it can be purchased also without having the Season Pass.

The group is coming together again in the new DLC Money for the Vultures to pursue Vincent DeVitt’s hidden riches. You have to help them to discover a mysterious vault, avoid bloodthirsty looters and find out whether you can really trust the mysterious Rosie from Baton Rouge or whether she is just pursuing her own interests.

Desperados 3 itself is a tactical stealth game that is set in a Wild West scenario. John Cooper is along with Kate, Doc McCoy, Hector and the mysterious Isabelle are faced with the task of asserting themselves against the opponents. Check out the posted launch trailer to see what you can expect with the first part of Money for the Vultures.

Desperados 3 is available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One since June 16, 2020. See the latest Patch Notes of Update 1.04 here.

Desperados 3 – Money for the Vultures Part 1 Trailer

Written by: Tom Binsack

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