Destiny 2 changes quest regarding “whisper of the worm”

Destiny 2 changes quest regarding “whisper of the worm”

Bungie fulfills a wish for many fans and makes the quest for the best exotic sniper in Destiny 2 continuously available.

What happened? Numerous changes came into play with the 2.1.4 update on January 29th. One of them is currently providing enjoyment for many fans.

Because the quest for the exotic sniper rifle “Whisper of the Worm” is no longer on the weekend. players can now go hunting for the mighty Sniper every day.

What exactly has changed in the Wisper Quest? Players who do not yet have “Whisper of the Worm” can pick up the corresponding quest while roaming the tower. This sends the players on Io to the Lost Oasis area and has them investigate the Possessed Anomalies that lead to the Wisper Mission.

So far, the anomalies have only been between Friday evening and Monday, so now they are available daily. In addition, you no longer have to wait specifically for a public event with the possessed. The anomaly will now open at every public event in the Lost Oasis.

If you have completed the Wisper mission, the sequel quest for the Masterpiece Catalyst will now be available throughout. You can only loot the boxes there once a week. Then you have to wait until the next Weekly Reset.

How do the fans react? On Reddit and on social media, many players celebrate this decision. Especially those who can not or hardly play on weekends due to family or professional circumstances, loudly welcome this change.

But many who grind for the exotic masterpiece catalyst, are happy about the lifting of the previous limitations.

But there are also some critical voices who criticize Bungie for being forgiving. It would only have enough people “crying” and already things are changed in favor of casuals.

What do you think? Do you welcome this change or are you critical about it? Use the comments below!

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  1. TudorSkadi February 4, 2019 | Reply

    “It would only have enough people “crying” and already things are changed in favor of casuals.”

    Duh. Same can be said about elite players crying and Bungie immediatly changes things in their favour, so they are too hard for casuals. Bungie seems to forget that not everyone can spend at least 4 hrs a day to keep up. So crying casuals? It’s more like crying elite’s.

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