Destiny 2: Cryo Pod – This is how you start the public event heroically

Destiny 2: Cryo Pod  – This is how you start the public event heroically

forsaken start heroic event

With the Forsaken extension for Destiny 2, a new public event has been added. We’ll show you how to start this public event heroically.

The new public event in Forsaken takes place in the Wirr Bay and revolves around a cryo-pod in which a powerful, sought-after enemy slumbers. The enemy race can vary from event to event.

This big chunk then gets out of its escape pod and you have to either switch it off during the event, or – better still – freeze it again and prepare it for a return transport via teleport. That’s what the heroic version of this public event is all about.

Activate Cryo Pod Event on Heroic – That’s what you have to do

To heroically trigger this public Destiny 2 event, you need to do the following:

First fight the boss: As soon as the boss got out, you can fall on him. But he gets reinforcements pretty fast. So kill some of his henchmen too – that makes life a little easier. Afterwards, concentrate on the final boss again.

Attention: It is important not to kill the boss. If you send him to the virtual hereafter instead of back to jail, the event is finished and you have no possibility to activate it heroically.

Pay attention to the steaming ventilation: Shortly after the reinforcement has arrived, an electric energy field forms around the capsule on the ground. When you step on it, your movements are slowed and you suffer damage over time.

During this phase, you need to focus more on the Cryo Pod. There are ventilation outlets on the side of the Pod that start to smoke. The two smoking covers of the ventilation must now be fired.

forsaken cryo pod

In the open ventilation you see an art frost balls. These can be picked up and flung onto the boss. One after the other, gradually move his movements and fret her completely after three hits with the ball.

Important: The second pair of vent outlets begin to muffle and you can not miss it – Frosty Ball might appeal to you if you make a living.

Last phase: Have you feasted on the boss, started the heroic public event. In order to create them, you need to have a circular zone that you can hold and carry by teleport until it is removed. If you can do that, we have successfully launched the event.

The heroic public event in the video: If you have not even needed help, we have a video of Venero TV linked for you, in which the event is also explained in detail.

Did you even find out how this public event is heroically triggered? What do you think of his mechanics? Leave us a comment!

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