Destiny 2: Drop chances for Everversum Items

Destiny 2: Drop chances for Everversum Items

As promised, Bungie in Destiny 2 provides transparency around the Eververse and reveals the odds of bright engram premiums.

Bungie wants to make the shopping in Destiny 2 more transparent

So Bungie wants to make the in-game shop more transparent: In the context of numerous revisions and improvements to the once-disgusted in-game shop Bungie had promised in the summer of 2018 to give players deeper insights into the data of the Everversum.

So they wanted to continue to distance themselves from gambling allegations and other controversial elements of the loot boxes, which had many studios and publishers to fight.

In doing so, they assured the guardians, among other things, to disclose the probabilities of bright engram premiums or to view their personal purchase history on Meanwhile, these promises have been implemented and published corresponding numbers.

What are bright engrams? This is basically a kind of loot box. They can be earned by playing, but can also be purchased in the Eververse for real money.

They include a wide pool of cosmetic items such as ghost covers, sparrows, ships, ornaments for weapons and armor, and emotes.

Drop chances from the prism matrix

This is the Prism Matrix: The Prism Matrix is ​​a feature of the Eververse that aims to give players more control over targeting certain Everversum items.

Every week there is a more predictable path to a limited loot pool of different items. You can get one item out of it, other items can be obtained via paid activations.

If my has already purchased or received an item from the pool, it will be ticked off in the list and can no longer be pulled. Thus, the loot pool is getting smaller, the chance of a desired item accordingly larger.

The chance of items from the prism matrix is ​​the same for all items and increases with decreasing loot pool equally for all bonuses. So you have 10 chances with 10 missing items and with 3 items a chance of 33.3% on the single premiums.

Items from britht engrams

Glitter Engram Drop Chances: When opening Bright Engrams, such as the Season 5 Burn Engram, you get an item from the following three lists:

  • Decorative objects
  • Consumable items
  • raids

Items from these lists are organized into different categories, such as accessories, which in turn may contain multiple item types such as ghosts or sparrows.

The rarest items are exotic accessories such as ghosts, ships or sparrows. These are available with a probability of 2%. Also mental projections or gestures are with 2% and 3% to the rarest items from the everversum loot pool.

Most often you have the chance to see legendary ghosts, ships and Sparrows. These drop with a probability of 12% each. What many fans did not suspect: parts of the Everversum armor sets have one of the highest drop chances with 16%.

Only 75% shaders and 20% teleport effects have higher probabilities.

In this case, a knockout system and a duplicate protection is active. If you receive an item with an Account Knockout modifier, whether by purchase or by drop, that item will be removed from the list of potential rewards for that account.

There is also an increasing probability of certain items. Each time a premium from the list of potential cosmetic premiums or consumption items does not drop, the chance of this premium increases in future drops. Receiving the bonus reduces the previously increased chance again.

Event engram drop chances: Event engrams – such as during the Scarlet Week – increase the odds on each item category, and on a smaller loot pool. The chance of tapping all event-specific items is much higher in conjunction with the knockout system.

Due to this exclusion system, you will only receive duplicates during the event if you have received all event bonuses (with the exception of consumables).

Important: The values ​​can vary from event to event and are not set in stone. But changes are communicated in time on the corresponding homepage.

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