Destiny 2 Maintenance April 21 – Update 2.8.1 Announced

Destiny 2 Maintenance April 21 – Update 2.8.1 Announced

In the official support forum, Bungie has announced the next Destiny 2 update. Tomorrow the servers will be offline, maintenance will be done and update 2.8.1 will be released. We have all information about the downtime and the patch.

When will the Destiny 2 servers be offline? Bungie will take the servers offline on Tuesday April 21st. Maintenance work begins around 9:00 AM PDT (1600 UTC).

How long does the maintenance work take? The downtime will be about 2 hours. The servers should be online again around 11:00 AM PDT (1800 UTC).

Do we need to download patch 1.49? So far it is not known whether it will be a pure server update. If we need to download a patch, this will be Patch 1.49, PS4 version.


Destiny 2 Patch Notes 2.8.1

So far there are no official patch notes for this update. Bungie will release all details as soon as the update is live. So far, the following is known:

  • The Ward of Dawn will properly generate Orbs of Light
  • The Warmind Security Triumph will now unlock when players fully upgrade any associated bunkers
  • Destiny 2 will no longer crash when players interact with the statue of Sjur Eidoin in the Shattered Throne during the Wish Ender quest
  • The Level 23 PDS upgrade will now allow any character to use it to clear bunkers
  • Rasputin’s Daily Seraph Weapon will now allow any character to claim it
  • Completing the Forsaken campaign will now allow players to claim the finished version of The Lawless Frontier lore book-entry, “By Thy Tongue Be Damned”
  • Players’ Roasters will no longer show listed friends as black nameplates with zero power


Source: Bungie

Written by: Carizma

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