Destiny 2 – One of the best known and greates US Rappers shows his chars to the community

Destiny 2 – One of the best known and greates US Rappers shows his chars to the community

Ice T is not only a rap icon but also a passionate player in Destiny 2. On Twitter, the rapper proudly showed off his latest achievement.

It’s no secret that Destiny 2 is also a hit with celebrities. For example, the WWE professional wrestler The Big Show is a confessed Destiny fan. Even the US rap icon Ice T is an avid gamer with a great passion for Destiny. He recently shared his performance in the game with the fans. When challenged, however, the rapper responded coolly.

Rpper ICE T reached level 650 in Destiny 2 – Forsaken!

What exactly happened? On Twitter, the rapper had proudly announced that he was playing Destiny 2 up and down, and that his guardian had finally reached the maximum level of 650. Now he is waiting for The Division 2.

In the further conversation that resulted, Ice T was challenged by some followers – in the typical way of “picture, or it never happened”. The rapper did not sit that long and proudly posted a picture of his Titan on Power Level 650.

Source: ICE T on Twitter

He commented with the words: “I just posted, my guardian would finally be 650th Some wanted a picture. I would not lie to you. “

Fans celebrate him for his Destiny 2 performance!

That’s how the fans react: Ice’s Redtit and the social media are celebrating their performance. Many did not think he was actually playing Destiny 2 intensively and think it’s cool that he’s obviously really heartfelt. Now he is overwhelmed with compliments and all sorts of tips on the choice of weapons as well as suitable exotics.

On reddit you also celebrate his cool style and that he confesses as a celebrity so open and proud to gaming – and not for the first time. In general, fans love it when they post about gaming with their witty style.

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