Destiny 2: Power Level Could See Major Changes

Destiny 2: Power Level Could See Major Changes

Joe Blackburn, the director of Destiny 2, revealed that players could expect potential “major changes” down the line but admitted it’s not going to be an easy task. 


Weird experiments on Destiny 2

The veteran Destiny 2 director stated, “I think what you’re going to see us do is some experiments that are helping us understand if we’re making the right long-term plays for Power and helping us dial that in. Can we have some good data before we get there if we do this overhaul?” Joe set the fan’s expectation that there would be weird experiments flying through in the year of Lightfall.




Players have been waiting for this expansion and are expecting Lightfall to be narratively insane. Some even wonder whether there’ll be a new enemy type. Well, They will figure that out as the game arrives on February 28, 2023.

What changes are you expecting to see? Let us know your thoughts below.

Written by: verena smith

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