Destiny 2 puts an end to the powerlevel trick

Destiny 2 puts an end to the powerlevel trick

With Season 6, Destiny 2 raises the Guardian’s maximum power level by another 50 levels to 700. Many players will try to reach the new cap as fast as possible. But a popular leveling method is eliminated: the saving of bounties.

What happened? As the developers explained in the current “This Week at Bungie” blog, as the Vagabond’s season unfolds, the studio will make changes to awarding massive rewards from past seasons.

For example, all bounties taken in previous seasons should receive a power-level cap on the resulting bonus. This upper limit will be the same as the level cap that was active at the time of acceptance.

With that, Bungie wants to stop so-called bounty hoarding and ensure equal conditions for everyone at the beginning of a new season.

What is bounty hoarding? This is a popular power-level method that many players use to try to reach the new maximum level as soon as the level cap rises.

In addition, the keepers are hoarding as many raids and quests before a pending level increase, granting mighty bonuses as much as possible. They complete these bounties without redeeming them. Raid keys are also bunkered for this.

As soon as the new level cap becomes active, they take all these forays. The corresponding premiums (already) then already exceed the old level cap. As a result, giant jumps towards the new maximum level are possible right at the beginning of a new season.

The bounty hoarding is handy as an intense homework before a new season. Bungie would prefer that everyone relax and only get started again with the new season, without players feeling at a disadvantage, because they have not prepared intensively for the new DLC.

For example, at the beginning of Season 5, this method enabled a Keeper to make it to the new Max Power level of 650 in just 2 days.

Therefore, you should give your forays at the end of a season: In the course of this change, Bungie even advises the Guardians explicitly to give the raids before the end of a season.

If you do not do that, not only will it not give you a premium over the old level cap, you may even get the chance to gain a powerful reward with a new power level.

Bungie gives a concrete example from practice:

  • For example, one takes a large Spider’s Weekly Foresplifting during the current Black Forge season, closes it and discards it
  • If you cash in the bonus after the beginning of the upcoming Vagabond season, the resulting loot will be 650
  • If you had the foray but before the end of Season 5 delivered, you might at the beginning of Season 6 may accept again, but then get a premium that is already over 650
  • If you hand over the spoils of last season but at the beginning of the new season, where this may also be active, then you will not be able to accept it again first. So you will have to wait until the appropriate foray again turn

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