Destiny 2 Server Down on July 14th – Update Announced

Destiny 2 Server Down on July 14th – Update Announced

Update: Update has been released – PS4 Patch 1.56 – Here you can find all information.

In the official support forum, Bungie has announced the next Destiny 2 update. Today the servers will be offline, maintenance will be done and update will be released. We have all information about the downtime and the patch.

When will the Destiny 2 servers be offline? Bungie will take the servers offline on Tuesday July 14th. Maintenance work begins around 6:00 AM PDT (1300 UTC).

How long does the maintenance work take? The downtime will be about 2 hours. The servers should be online again around 8:00 AM PDT (1500 UTC).

Do we need to download patch 1.56? So far it is not known whether it will be a pure server update. If we need to download a patch, this will be Patch 1.56, PS4 version.


Destiny 2 Patch Notes

So far there are no official patch notes for update Bungie will release all details as soon as the update is live.


Source: Bungie

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  1. Laurie July 14, 2020 | Reply

    Why can’t they advise what the fix is before they do it? They know what the issue/s are so why do they always do this? Is it because If there is an issue benefiting players (drops dropping that should not be) they do it straight away.. AND if it is an issue effecting players e.g. rewards not dropping etc. they wait weeks to fix it. SO what this time change when nearly all other fixes are later? The servers have been playing up for a few weeks now and believe it may be their servers and not the game and BOTH D1 & D2 have maintenance for the same times… As far as I am aware they are two completely separate games so why else are both have issues? Could not connect to Bungie Help Site before either .. kept timing out. It will be interesting to see what happens with the update in September as the basics of D2 do not seem to be able to handle the amount of content and hence reason for removing some of it … Should have continued with D# and build it from the ground up to be able to cope…

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