Destiny 2 Server Down on July 22 – Update announced

Destiny 2 Server Down on July 22 – Update announced

Bungie has announced the next update for Destiny 2 – Server offline and Patch on July 22.

The date for the next Destiny 2 update has now been published on the official website of Bungie. On Thursday, July 22, the servers will be shut down, maintenance work will follow and Update will be released.


Update: Patch 2.25 / is ready to download, get all details right here.


Destiny 2 Update – Server Down Times

When will the Destiny 2 servers be offline? As mentioned above, the servers will go offline on Thursday, July 22. You will no longer be able to log in at 9:00 AM PDT.

How long does the maintenance take, when can I play again? According to Bungie, the servers will be offline for 2 hours. Maintenance will be completed around 11:00 AM PDT.


Patch Notes

Unfortunately there are no details about this patch yet. We believe that we also have to download an update, that would be version 2.25 on the PS4. As soon as Bungie releases the patch notes, we will report them to you!

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