Destiny 2 shows “Last Word”

Destiny 2 shows “Last Word”

Destiny 2 is planning the return of the iconic handgun “The Last Word“. In the trailer to “Last Word” you see another weapon that steals the limelight: the “Thorn” is also to return to Destiny 2.

That’s the “Last Word“: In Destiny 1, “The Last Word” was a handgun fired in the style of a gunman from the Wild Western.

Players used the weapon with a special shooting technique: the Fanning. The animation showed that one hand was over the tap of the weapon, always pushing it downwards to allow faster firing. Also the reload animation was a spectacular whirlwind.

The Last Word” was a cult weapon in Destiny 1, and it was PvP at the time because it quickly and accurately killed her in the Crucible.

This can be seen in the new trailer: The new trailer for “Das last Word” shows the current version of the weapon in Destiny 2 in action. Also in the second part of Destiny she will have her special animations again.

Players with the Annual Pass will be able to get the weapon with the big Update 2.1.4 tomorrow, January 29th, via the exotic quest “The Draw

Bungie has already announced that the quest is to be done in one piece. So there will be no time gates.

That’s what’s special in the trailer: At the end of the trailer, Bungie announces the return of the “Thorn”. This is a “bad weapon” from Destiny 1, a “Weapon of Sorrow.” These are weapons that have been corrupted by the band.

In the background story of Destiny, the Grimoire, the weapons “The Last Word” and “Thorn” are closely linked. They belong together. Because the owners of both weapons were bitter enemies:

  • Dredgen Yor, a notorious player who surrendered to darkness, led the thorn – named after him in Destiny 2 a title
  • Shin Malphur, a legendary player, led the “The Last Word”

Bungie says, “Every hero needs an enemy,” and calls the “Last Word” the weapon of a hero.

The “Thorn” hit Destiny 1 players for a damage over time effect and poisoned them.

In Destiny 2, the weapons are to return with the “Season of the Drifter“, the next DLC. It is scheduled for March 2019. Fans have been hoping for the return of “Thorn” and “The Last Word” since 2017.

What do you think about these two weapons? Which one do you prefer? Share your thoughts with us! Use the comment function below!

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