Destiny 2: Update released – Patch Notes March 19

Destiny 2: Update released – Patch Notes March 19

Bungie has released Destiny 2 Update, we have all the details about the latest update, including the official patch notes.

What’s new with Update in Destiny 2 today? You can find the official patch notes below, including a bug with the Mighty Rewards.

After you have logged in, you have to download just around 30 MB, this is not client Patch 1.34.


Destiny 2 Patch Notes – Update

Director Challenge Rewards

  • Players should now have higher-Powered rewards, through 690 Power, from daily and weekly Director challenges
      • Once reaching 690 Power, these rewards will continue to give minor Power increases (usually +1 Power compared to a player’s average Power)



Quests and Bounties

  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to access the Allegiance quest if their Pursuits inventory was full
  • Decreased requirements to complete the weekly Collector bounty for Gambit Prime
      • This bounty should now align with requirements for other weekly bounties




  • Removed the Glass Modifier from Daily Reckoning Modifier rotation
      • This has been replaced with the Prism Modifier




  • Fixed an issue where the Dark Age Arsenal Triumph was not properly unlocking when players won Gambit matches with a full set of Gambit gear equipped
  • Fixed an issue where Glory Win Streak Triumphs from previous seasons were updating on wins in Season of the Drifter




  • Fixed an issue where players could cancel Blade Barrage Supers, propelling them to unintended playspaces




  • Players may now exchange stacks of five Gambit Synths at the Drifter for 100 Glimmer

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