Destiny 2: Update – Hotfix on April 11th

Destiny 2: Update – Hotfix on April 11th

Bungie has announced another update for Destiny 2 today, April 11th. According to this, Destiny 2 Update will be released today and the servers will not be offline.

Today’s Destiny 2 patch is probably a small hotfix, since the last update 2.2.1 probably some mistakes have sneaked into the game.

Update: The official patch notes are available here.

Hotfix – This is going to change in Destiny 2 today

Some of the issues that are being addressed today have been addressed on Twitter:

  • Allow players to claim their Season 6 Pinnacle Weapons STARTING AT 2 PM PDT
  • Re-enable the Gambit Prime bonus perks on the Sentry armor set and Sentry Synths
  • Disable Wavesplitter for non-PS4 players


Destiny 2 Maintenance – Downtime and Patch Notes on 11.04

Maintenance should begin at 10:00 AM PDT and be completed by 2:00 PM PDT. According to Bungie, there will be no server downtime.

The official patch notes have not been released yet, should there be more details, we will provide them for you.


Source: Bungie

Written by: Carizma

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