Destiny 2 Update is Live – Patch Notes

Destiny 2 Update is Live – Patch Notes

Bungie announced on Twitter that Destiny 2 Update will be released today. We have all the information about server down, maintenance and of course the patch notes.

All-day maintenance is taking place today, May 21, this affects the Destiny 2 backend for all platforms. You can continue to play normally, but it can happen that you get a disconnect, if you fly out of the game you can then log back to normal and continue playing.


Update Hotfix on May 21st

There will be an update during the maintenance, but this hotfix only affects PC players. PS4 and Xbox One players will not receive a hotfix.

To install and publish the update, the PC servers will go offline around 10:00 AM PDT.

The process should take only about one hour, so you should be able to log in again around 11:00 AM PDT.


Destiny 2 Patch Notes


  • Minor adjustment for PC Compatibility
    • This should prevent a subset of players from entering a black screen due to hardware incompatibility.

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  1. SithShadow May 22, 2019 | Reply

    Bungie – you released this update and has caused Destiny to be stuck on “Initializing” for two days! I uninstalled everything and reinstalled again and no progress! Can’t even play the game now. This is the worst update ever released. I thought the long loading screens and the horrific lag in Tangled Shores was bad. But at least I was able to play the game.

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