Destiny 2 Update 2.26 Released – Hotfix Patch Notes

The announced update is now live! Bungie released the promised patch and we have all the details on it.

The Destiny 2 Update 2.26 is available for Download, for Stadia, PS4, XBox One and PC. The file size is 181MB on the PS4. Depending on which platform you are playing with, the file size may vary.


Destiny 2 Patch Notes 2.26 /



  • Fixed an issue where the Ludomaniacal emblem did not have appropriate acquisition steps in its details.  



Vault of Glass 

  • Removed weapon drops from Master Vault of Glass encounter loot pools. 
    • Players are guaranteed to receive stat-focused armor from Master difficulty encounters. 
    • Master Vault of Glass loot lockouts have been separated from Normal. 
    • Both can now be looted independently each week. 
  • Drops will only be at Pinnacle Power from the first weekly clear of each encounter. 
    • For example, if you complete Oracles in Normal difficulty first it will award Pinnacle. If you later in that week complete Oracles on Master difficulty, it will award stat-focused armor but not at Pinnacle Power. 
    • Completing either encounter again after that will award Spoils of Conquest, and Masterwork Materials at Master difficulty. 




  • Fixed an issue where some Stasis finishers caused a slight delay to weapon readiness relative to non-Stasis class finishers. 
  • Fixed an issue where Boots of the Emperor’s Agent didn’t display shaders correctly. 



We’re saying general a lot, huh?

  • Fixed an issue where the Ghoyster Shell could heave horrific dead pupils in certain environments.
    • We are still recovering from this issue and apologize to anyone who may have nightmares. 


Source: Bungie

Written by: Carizma

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