Destiny 2: Patch Notes – Hotfix of June 13th

Destiny 2: Patch Notes – Hotfix of June 13th

Bungie has released the Patch Notes for Destiny 2 Hotfix, below you can find all the details.

The servers are still offline, whether Client Patch 1.37 is still being released is currently unknown. We will update this article shortly!

In any case, here are the current patch notes!


Destiny 2 Patch Notes


  • Fixed an issue where players could not progress the “Imperial Summons” quest
  • Fixed an issue where Sturm’s “Accomplice” perk was not reloading Energy weapons
      • Note: We are currently investigating an issue where Drang is the only Sidearm that reloads when this perk is activated
      • Note: Energy weapon reload audio may play more than once when the perk triggers


  • Fixed an issue where the Intrepid Seasonal armor sets stated that they could be obtained through Bright Engrams when inspected within Collections
  • Fixed an issue where seasonal Eververse armor could be acquired with random rolls
      • Moving forward, all Eververse armor will have static rolls
      • Any armor obtained prior to this change will maintain their randomly rolled perks

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