Destiny 2: Update 2.5.2 – Patch Notes 1.38 Released

Destiny 2: Update 2.5.2 – Patch Notes 1.38 Released

Bungie has released Update 2.5.2 for Destiny 2, we have the complete patch notes 1.38 for you, for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Destiny 2 Client Patch 1.38 is ready to download, you need to download and install 135 MB on PS4. The version number of the client patch may vary depending on the platform.


Destiny 2 Update 2.5.2 – Patch Notes 1.38


  • Lord of Wolves
      • Reduced the amount of ammo that Shotgun Scavenger perks can give to Lord of Wolves when it is in the Release the Wolves state
      • Decreased the effective range on Lord of Wolves
          • This decrease is more aggressive when the weapon is in the Release the Wolves state
  • Perks
      • Fixed an issue that allowed the Feeding Frenzy perk to be applied to any weapon
  • Fixed an issue where the cloth component of the Iron Symmachy Cloak wasn’t rendering correctly
  • Fixed an issue where the cloth component of the Terra Concord Mark wasn’t rendering correctly
  • Fixed a bug where the Titan Exotic leg armor Peregrine Greaves glowed 130x too bright when wearers were at maximum velocity
  • While our intention was for this Exotic to help Titans destroy opponents with 130x efficiency, we did not intend for its glow to burn out the corneas of the user


Tribute Hall
  • Triumphs
      • The Tribute Hall Triumphs “The Emperor’s Gladiator” and “The Scoundrel in Uniform” no longer require you to equip a full set of Leviathan gear to progress
      • Players will now earn more points based on the number of gear pieces worn, similar to other Triumphs
  • Tributes
      • Players will no longer be able to place the Tribute Hall introductory tribute on an alternate character to gain credit for a large number of tributes placed
      • Players who accessed the catalyst or emote rewards through this method will have those items relocked until they place enough unique tributes to meet the actual unlock requirements
Iron Banner
  • Iron Banner pursuit objective values have been adjusted
      • Reduced the grenade kills required by 50%
      • Ally grenade kills are now worth as much as your own
      • Reduced the Sword kills required by 25%
      • Ally Sword kills are now worth as much as your own
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to equip Season 3 Iron Banner ornaments on their Season 7 armor
  • The Wolf’s Favor will no longer drop from daily and weekly Iron Banner challenges
  • Fixed an issue where the Triumph “Efrideet’s Gift” was not unlocking for players who earned enough Iron Banner rank-up packages during Season 7
      • This fix is retroactive; it will get players up to speed who have met the requirements
Menagerie / Chalice
  • Heroic Menagerie now drops a Sword for first-time completion (100%)
      • Subsequent completions have a moderate chance to drop a Sword (25%)
  • Fixed an issue where the Triumph “Drink Deep” would not unlock for some players who claimed the Masterwork slot on the Chalice of Opulence
  • Fixed an issue where players could become stuck in the Season of Opulence intro quest by unlocking the first rune slot on the Chalice before completing the Lost Sector The Conflux and being on the correct quest step
  • Imperials and runes can no longer be earned by idling through matches of Crucible and Gambit
Truth Quest
  • Replaced the step of the Truth quest chain requiring the bounty “Corsair Down” with a step requiring completion of three patrols in the Dreaming City
  • Fixed a bug where players could become blocked from earning Truth if they opened the Ascendant chest in the strike “Warden of Nothing” before being on the appropriate quest step
  • Fixed an issue where completion notifications would not appear after players completed bounties
  • This will also fix an issue where players would sometimes not spawn during a Crucible match

Written by: Carizma

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  1. Luka July 30, 2019 | Reply

    Will anyone really care about losing the Bad JuJu catalyst? Since the gun came back into the game I used it for a couple of strikes just for shits and giggles… then stuck it in vault where it’s now gathering dust… I think I’ve seen 2 people using it in Iron Banner this week… and that’s it.

    So Bungee introduced to D2 what used to be a cool weapon in D1, nerfed it, made it obtainable via a glitch, I assume because it wasn’t play tested properly… and then have a snowflake moment, blame the players for discovering their cock up and take it back off them… as what? Punishment? For a gun no one appears to gives a rat’s arse about?

    Was it even worth the effort of fixing the glitch?

    Oh well… c’est la vie πŸ˜‰

    Now if someone could explain to me why after a week of Iron Banner, completing all the bounties and handing in several hundred tokens… I have now have 10 pairs of boots, 8 pairs of gloves… and not another piece of armour drop? Did I miss something? Now that I do give a rat’s arse about πŸ˜‰

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