Destiny 2 Update Version 2.14 on March 16 – Patch Notes 3.1.1

Destiny 2 Update Version 2.14 on March 16 – Patch Notes 3.1.1

Bungie has released the announced update 3.1.1 for Destiny 2. Below we have the full patch notes from March 16, 2021.

The Destiny 2 update 2.14 is now available for all platforms. On the Playstation 4, the download size is 866MGB, depending on the platform.


Destiny 2 Patch Notes



  • Fixed an issue in Trials of Osiris where the I Am Invincible medal was appearing for all players when one player earned it. 
    • The medal wasn’t actually awarded to the players who didn’t earn it, they just incorrectly got the UI popup as if it had been. 
  • Fixed an issue where restricted players were incorrectly unable to access Crucible and Gambit private matches. 
  • Fixed an issue where there was no audio cue playing when an enemy player was revived in a Trials match. 


  • Fixed an issue on Exodus Garden 2A where players could skip the first barrier by going out of environment. 


  • Fixed an issue where region chest icons would remain on the map after finding the chest.  


  • Fixed a dropship issue that was causing some poor performance.  
    • This should slightly improve performance during the boss encounter when the dropships arrive. 


  • Made key item names more consistent during the activity. 
  • Fixed an issue where the closing dialog would run longer than the ending timer of the activity. 


  • Player positioning is locked during Tribute Chest slam animations. Should reduce the likelihood of killing teammates while opening Chests. 
  • Fixed an issue where volatile cells would noticeably clip into the players arm. 


  • Fallen S.A.B.E.R.:  
    • Fixed an issue where the strike Boss would not spawn until all players were alive and present.  
    • Improved objective waypoint behavior. 
    • Fixed some grammatical errors in player-directive text.  
    • Fixed an issue where Zavala’s dialog in the first area could play multiple times.  
    • Fixed a bug where a Fallen energy shield could be seen sticking out of a wall.    
  • Devil’s Lair:   
    • Sepiks Prime now has a Boss health bar.  
    • Fixed some floating environment objects.  
    • Fixed an issue where some monster spawn points looked like accessible doorways to players.  
    • Fixed an issue where an Overload Captain could spawn with the wrong name.  
    • Fixed an issue where the Fallen Walker and Fallen Brigs could respawn after they were defeated.  
    • Fixed an issue where physics was missing from a wall early in the strike, allowing players to get lost out of environment. 


  • Fixed a bug where players that died after slamming the Heart could repeatedly spawn outside of the area and die. 
  • Fixed an issue where Creeping Darkness wouldn’t kill players. 


  • Fixed an issue where Tether Hubs could accept tethers when shielded. 



  • Updated description strings for Whisper of Torment and Whisper Fractures fragments.  
    • Replaced “combatants” with “targets” to clarify that these fragments are applicable in both PvE and PvP activities. 


  • Fixed an issue with the Linear Actuators perk for Dunemarchers was not triggering properly. 
  • The perk now behaves as expected, triggering on each/subsequent melee strike after an appropriate amount of sprint time.  
  • Font of Might no longer displays a generic “Damage Boost” string when its benefit is active.  
  • Fixed a bug where Mantle of Battle Harmony and Omnioculus were not displaying their flavor text. 
  • Omioculus also no longer grants melee energy when making only yourself invisible under some circumstances. 
  • Cuirass of the Falling Star no longer grants an Overshield when used with Supers other than Thundercrash. 


  • Fixed an issue where flavor text wasn’t appearing for several Seasonal weapons.  
  • Added rumble to the end of the reload for Dead Man’s Tale.  
  • Adjusted Riskrunner perk VFX that were causing epileptic issues.  
  • Reduced Arbalest’s aim assist, making it harder to hit headshots in Crucible.  
  • Set the Frenzy and Cranial Spike perks to use the correct buff icons.  
  • Fixed the missing kill feed icon on Ticuu’s Divination. 


  • On the Offensive New Light Quest: 
    • Fixed an issue where the text in step 2 of 4 still referenced weekly bounties. 
    • Rebalanced step 2 so that daily bounties grant the most efficient progress. 
  • Battlegrounds: 
    • Players will now be refunded Cabal Gold when swapping Challenger Medallions. 


  • Fixed an issue where completing the Forfeit Shrine Ascendant Challenge quickly wouldn’t grant the Triumph for completing it quickly. 
  • Fixed an issue where completing the Agonarch Abyss Ascendant Challenge wouldn’t grant the Triumph for completion. 
  • Fixed an issue where completing the Ouroborea Ascendant Challenge wouldn’t grant the Triumph for completion. 
  • Fixed an issue where Paradii, the Vigilant and Bakken, the Relentless could fail to spawn in the Blind Well area, blocking completion of the Double Trouble Triumph. 


  • Added quick launch Activity Cards for PlayStation 5. 
  • Fixed and issue where some users were missing friends or clan members in their roster on PlayStation 5. 


  • Fixed an issue where players would see incorrect spaceflight transitions when launching certain maps during Iron Banner or Trials of Osiris.
  • Fixed an issue where players with their Ghost out while scanning an object will instead summon their Sparrow. 
  • Fixed an issue where players were able to cram 12 people into activity that clearly couldn’t handle the might of that many Guardians. 


Source: Bungie

Written by: Carizma

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