Destruction AllStars Update 01.002.003 Patch Notes

Destruction AllStars Update 01.002.003 Patch Notes

Lucid Games released the second update for Destruction AllStars today. Below are the full patch notes from February 10.

The Destruction AllStars Update 1.002.003 can now be downloaded and installed. The file size is 827.9 MB.


Destruction AllStars Patch Notes 01.002.003

  • Weekly Reset time has been set to Wednesday 3pm UTC
  • Weekly Challenges now award AllStar Coins instead of XP
  • XP rewards for Daily Challenges have been increased from 3k to 25k
  • Fixed several issues preventing successful matchmaking
  • Reduced the frequency of parties being split into different games at the end of a match
  • Fixed an instance of the UI incorrectly reverting player level
  • Fixed several server crashes relating to Gridfall
  • Fixed several client crashes
  • Improved some error message descriptions

Written by: Carizma

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