Diablo 3: Launch of Season 17 has been revealed

Diablo 3: Launch of Season 17 has been revealed

The developers of Diablo 3 have announced when the 17th season of the action role-playing game starts. Shortly after the new patch for Diablo 3, the season starts on May 17, 2019.

The 17th season of Diablo 3 starts on May 17, 2019, before there will be a new patch. The theme of the new season is a fortification effect that will be unlocked for all Seasonal Heroes, the set bonus from the Legacy of Nightmares.

As part of Season 17, you can of course reap cosmetic rewards. This includes, for example, the chance that you can get hold of items you may have missed – the leg guards and boots of the Conqueror’s set. You will also collect portrait frames, fans for your loot chest and achievements.

Written by: Carizma

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