Diablo 4: Leaked Story Cinematics Revealed a Boss Fight

Diablo 4: Leaked Story Cinematics Revealed a Boss Fight

DSOG reports several videos from Diablo 4 leaking from a Russian video hosting service, showing some raw motion capture scenes and some in-game cinematic footage.


Diablo 4: Cinematic Footage Leaks New Boss Fight


Before dive in into details, we suggest you refrain from reading about the leaks if you want to keep the game’s mystery going. The cinematic footage doesn’t leak anything big; however, it reveals a boss you probably want to meet when playing the game, preferably months earlier. We won’t share the footage here, but if you are interested, you can watch it from the source. Based on the footage, the player will need to defeat a boss riding a multi-headed dog that may remind you of the notorious Cerberus, a similar monster in Greek mythology that guards the Underworld’s gate.


The Necromancer


Diablo 4 is one of the most awaited drops for 2023, and we have already seen quite a piece of gameplay from the game. Nevertheless, there are still a lot of mysteries in the game’s world that you will figure out when you finally get to play it. The last gameplay from Diablo 4 showcased Necromancer as a new character type and exposed more about the endgame content and the variety of activities players will encounter in the game aside from the main story campaign missions.


Diablo launches on 2023


Diablo 4 targets a launch next year but doesn’t have an exact release date. The game will have a closed beta session in the future before it comes out.

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