Did you kill a streamer in PUBG? Want to know, look here!

Did you kill a streamer in PUBG? Want to know, look here!

Did you die from a streamer on PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) in the last few days, or did you defeat a streamer? Just look.

What is it about? If you play a multiplayer game with PvP content these days, then you have to expect that a kill will be presented to a large audience. Because on streaming platforms competitive games like PUBG are popular. So it is quite possible that the embarrassing death when you rolled over your own car was recorded by a streamer.

But it is also possible that you have rebuilt a streamer and recorded the whole thing. An app will now show you if that was the case in the last few days and then redirect you to the corresponding video. Then there’s also the reaction of the streamer to see.

To find out if you have killed a streamer: On the website PUBG.report you can enter the name of a PUBG account. If you then start the search, the website will find out if a streamer was killed by the account in PUBG, or if the streamer has the person on the conscience.

In the search results, you then see who was killed by whom, what weapon was used and how many meters distance between the players were.

Here’s how to watch the video of your kill: If you click on one of the videos, you’ll see the Twitch VOD on the next page. This will then be forwarded to the appropriate location where the kill occurred.

Are all kills listed there? Limited are the search results on kills in the last 14 days. Everything that is older is not revealed. In addition, it’s only in the accounts of PC players. In the future, however, console data will also be included. Support for streams on the mixer platform should be available soon.

Who operates the site? The app was developed by one of the PUBG API Community Developers. He uses the free PUBG API provided by the game.

Written by: Dom

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