Dirt 5 Update 6.02 rolled out – Patch Notes on September 30

Dirt 5 Update 6.02 rolled out – Patch Notes on September 30

Codemasters brings us new content for DIRT 5 today. What kind of new content is available and which bugs have been fixed, you can find out below

The DIRT 5 Update 6.02 can now be downloaded for all platforms. Unfortunately we do not know the respective file size, but it will be different depending on the platform.


Dirt 5 Patch Notes 6.02


  • ‘Tricks N Treats’ Halloween Playgrounds pack: Free Playgrounds item set of Halloween-themed objects for use in Gate Crasher, Smash Attack, and Gymkhana. Available from October 1, 2021.



  • New tweaks to general light, shade, and reflections will be noticeable across every location and scenario, particularly in night-time events, leading to more realistic and natural lighting
  • Steam: Fixed issue causing online cross-platform matchmaking to not work on Steam
  • Xbox One: Fixed issue causing audio distortion in rare occurrences
  • PS5: Resolved issue of audio cutting out when the game is started with a racing wheel connected
  • Xbox: Resolved instances of crashes when users sign out of their profile
  • Fixed instances of crashes when viewing a player card and playing offline
  • Career objectives will now be shown in the post-race rewards menus appropriately
  • PC: When using Fanatec pedals connected directly to the PC, the pedals will now be detected and usable
  • Fixed issue causing a player’s Playgrounds Weekly Challenge position to not show if they do not have rewards available


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