DiRT Rally 2.0: Tracks – wear with 150 different shades – details in the trailer

DiRT Rally 2.0: Tracks – wear with 150 different shades – details in the trailer

In DiRT Rally 2.0 the developers of Codemasters offer even more authenticity by stretch wear. As has now been confirmed, track wear is expected to occur in 150 stages. UPDATE: A video reveals track wear details.

More realism to Dirk Rally 2.0

The developers at Codemasters will take realism into rally simulations with DiRT Rally 2.0 to a new level. As the developers have already announced, there are not only signs of wear and tear on the vehicles that affect behavior. The track conditions will also change during the course of a race event.

In a recent livestream, chief game designer Ross Gowing has made it clear that track wear can be very variable. With no fewer than 150 levels, players are faced with ever new challenges.

On gravel roads, for example, the first riders will have a lot less grip as there are dust and small pebbles on the runway that will throw them away. Thus, the starting numbers five to ten probably have the best conditions with the best grip. After that, the track continues to break, which presents the drivers with new challenges.

On asphalt, too, the conditions change, while the drivers bring more and more rubber on the asphalt and thus produce tracks with extra grip. On the edge, on the other hand, it could happen that the asphalt breaks away. Additional challenges may also be due to rain and night racing.

DiRT Rally 2.0 will be released on February 26, 2019 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Update: Codemasters has released a matching video for track wear. The developers reveal some details and show corresponding scenes.

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